Well written goals are critical to achieving the life that we desire, but it can be hard to stick to them. We often find ourselves asking how do I set goals that I can follow through on? In this video, we talk about the 3 components that every goal should have and give some great tips on how to stick to those goals. You’ll learn how well-written goals lead to

No one likes to make mistakes, but we all do and we just have to accept that someday it’s going to happen to us. Whatever our mistake is, it’s nowhere near as important as how we react to it and what we learn from it. In this week’s video, Jason talks about how to get our mindset right after making a mistake and the three steps we need to take

Now that we’ve recovered from the holidays and we’ve got a few weeks of 2016 under our belt, it’s time to start thinking about some ways that we can make our team stronger, better and faster over the coming year. One of the ways we can make these kind of improvements is through team building exercises. While these kinds of activities can take away from the time we have to

We took a little break from posting content over the holidays, but we’re back now and our first video of 2016 is all about the importance of investing in ourselves. As we all start to set our improvement goals for the upcoming year it’s important to assess if we are investing our energy and resources effectively to achieve them. Worthwhile goals don’t just happen overnight or come about on their own. In

When we work with a group of exceptionally talented people, it can be a challenge to figure out which projects we want to assign individuals to. We would like to have everyone contributing all of their unique skills and abilities to every project, but it’s just not a good use of resources and can actually hinder our results. In order to optimize talent on our team we need to have a

We can’t do it all by ourselves. It’s true in leadership just as it is in life. Trying to achieve our goals without asking for help usually slows us down on our path. This is why human beings have learned to build teams and why good leadership is regarded so highly. When we build a team around us, it’s important to utilize those team members effectively to accomplish our mission

We’re all going to face at least one crisis in our careers as leaders and our teams are counting on us to lead them through these kinds of challenges. Often how we react to a crisis is more important that the actual crisis itself. It’s important to approach any crisis rationally and recognize that the problem is not insurmountable, but the extreme nature of the situation is usually a result

  As much as we all try to plan well to avoid crisis situations, it is inevitable that we will face a crisis sometime in our careers as leaders. Preparation, training, and skill will all serve us well as we tackle our next big crisis, but the one key factor that impacts the ability to successfully navigate a crisis is taking accountability early on and throughout the situation. 4 Tips

As leaders, we have a lot of hopes and dreams for making our lives better and building a better world. It’s difficult to fit everything in that we want to achieve and sometimes it’s overwhelming to figure out what it is specifically that we want. Creating a development plan can help you think through what goals are really important to you and to articulate them clearly. It will also give

Take a look at anyone who is really successful and you will find that they have built a really strong network of people around them; but for many of us, the idea of networking can be intimidating and confusing. “How should we go about networking?”, “Who should we be networking with?” and “Where do we meet these people?” are all questions that come up frequently. Many people also feel like