Ari Handley, Jess Horan and Li Jackson return to discuss balancing long-term vs short term thinking. They share how they use effective leadership and management skills to shift between strategy and tactics. We also talk about examples of applying management skills to long-term and short-term thinking at NOW CFO, Original Cocktail Club and Rethink Worldwide. Balancing Long-Term vs Short-Term Thinking This month we brought all of our guests back to

Ari Handley tells us how you can grow your business by knowing your numbers. At NOW CFO they use effective leadership and management skills to provide you with financial insight that helps you make smart decisions. Ari also tells us how she uses her management skills to look out for the best interests of her clients. Grow Your Business by Knowing Your Numbers Ari Handley from NOW CFO joins us

Today Shawn Willis from 5AM Global talks to us about leading a business through a major transition. She shares how she uses effective leadership and management skills to lead her team to create effective marketing campaigns. Shawn also tells us about using her management skills to plan and execute her upcoming Breathe 2019 event. Leading a Business Through a Major Transition Our good friend Shawn Willis has returned to talk

Lucy Cantley is more than just a business coach, she is all about helping women entrepreneurs crush it! In this interview, she tells us how she brings effective leadership and management skills to help women grow their businesses. She also talks about being a mother and how she’s developed her management skills while helping support other moms. Helping Women Entrepreneurs Crush it Lucy Cantley is a military spouse and a

General Dwight Eisenhower said, “Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable”. No matter how effort we put into a plan, we almost always have to modify it when we execute. Sometimes we have to throw it out entirely. A mentor of mine said it even more simply. “You’ve gotta have a plan before you can deviate from it”. There’s no way to plan for every possible outcome, but effective planning

While strategic thought and planning are important to achieving any goal, it’s crucial to keep taking action on completing your mission while you contemplate your mission and vision statements. In this video, Jason LeDuc emphasizes the need to keep taking action and talks about how to avoid decision paralysis that is counter-productive. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to try to take big, drastic, exciting actions to feel like things are still moving

All truly great leaders all have a mission that they put their heart and soul into and are able to articulate that mission in enrolling and inspiring ways. Your own mission statement describes not just what your mission is, but why it is important in a larger sense for you and your team to achieve it. Writing your mission statement is just the beginning, as a leader you must be

You’ve seen how important it is to have a clear and concise mission statement if you expect your team to be able to achieve the goals you set out for them. Just as critical as communicating that mission is articulating your vision of how the completed mission looks and feels. Your vision is the personal connection you have to the mission and shows how you believe that you’re making the world a

I’m often asked, what are the key traits that make a great leader? That question always brings up a lot of discussion, but I believe one of the qualities that makes a truly great leader stand out is the ability to create a vision of the future they want to achieve as well as being able to communicate that vision to their team. Leaders who can visualize and communicate a

Recently I was having a discussion with a colleague on developing a way forward on a problem we were working on together. As he was outlining his proposed solution, I mentioned that I believed that we needed to engage in some critical thinking before we proposed any solutions.  My colleague took exception to my comment and was slightly offended that I would suggest he was not a critical thinker. After