Emily Wilson of Emily Wilson Photography joins us today to share with us the art of telling stories through photography. She tells about how she became a photographer and how her art history degree helps her realize her artistic vision. We talk about how her personal projects help her develop effective leadership and management skills.  Emily also discusses the management skills she uses to run her business. Telling Stories Through

I can’t tell you how often I hear someone tell me they don’t have time to do all of the things they need to do. How do I get more time is a question that I get asked at least every couple of days. In this video we talk about the tool you should be using to manage your time and what it really tells you about yourself. How Do

Well written goals are critical to achieving the life that we desire, but it can be hard to stick to them. We often find ourselves asking how do I set goals that I can follow through on? In this video, we talk about the 3 components that every goal should have and give some great tips on how to stick to those goals. You’ll learn how well-written goals lead to

Greg Wilken, Chris DiLorenzo and Suni Chabrow return to join us for our panel discussion. We talk about how they learned how to stay strong after a setback and how that helped them form Endunamo Consulting, CMD and the Douglas J. Green Memorial Foundation. Sometimes we have to dig deep when our management skills aren’t enough to overcome a setback or tragedy. We also discuss how to use effective leadership

How will the new tax law affect my business is a question we’ve been asking all year-long. Chris DiLorenzo, the founder of CMD, is here to tell us what business owners need to know. How Will the New Tax Law Affect My Business? The new tax law has already provided benefits, but small business owners still have a lot of questions. Our good friend, Chris DiLorenzo, joins us today to help

Greg Wilken from Endunamo Consulting joins us today to answer the question, how do I retain my employees? He shares with us the three things business owners should be doing to keep their employees. Greg shows us how to use our management skills to create HR processes to support our team. We also discuss how Greg uses effective leadership and management skills to help his clients focus on their own

Lynaae Forbes, Dr. Thomas Kenny and Ami Bayani join us again to discuss building a modern workforce in Las Vegas. The digital age and expanding economy have presented new challenges to employers and employees. One of those challenges is how we prepare our young people with the skills they need to enter the workforce. Building a Modern Workforce Our guests share with us the most important skills that they believe

Lucy Cantley, Shaytoya Stresing of K & B Communications, and Michelle Davis of Michelle Davis Fitness come back to join us for our panel discussion. The lessons they share will help you with building a tribe around your business. We talk about the management skills they use to make a difference in their communities. Each of our guests also shares how they use effective leadership and management skills to run

You may have seen Michelle Davis on other WCOBM shows. Today she joins us to talk about her Michelle Davis Fitness brand and her new venture starting a unique private gym concept. We talk about the management skills she’ll need to help her clients and get this business off the ground.  We also discuss how she will use effective leadership and management skills to challenge her clients and help them

Dana Berg of the Proctor Gallagher Institute, Shermara Walker from SW HR Consulting and Dr. Bianca Velayo of Green Valley Smiles Dentistry return for our panel discussion. We focus on building culture and energy in your business and the management skills you need to make it happen. Our guests share the most effective leadership and management skills they’ve learned from running their own businesses. Building Culture and Energy in Your