Most of us don’t get excited about going to the dentist. Dr. Bianca Velayo is here today to get us excited about it. She tells us all about how Green Valley Smiles Dentistry is not your mother’s dental practice!  Dr. Bianca fills us in how she uses effective leadership and management skills to provide the best patient care in Las Vegas. She also tells us how she combines management skills

Human Resources is one of the areas that business owners can really get themselves into trouble if we don’t keep our eye on it. One way to make it better is to streamline your human resources processes to best fit your business. Shermara Walker from SW HR Consulting shows us how to use HR in conjunction with effective leadership and management skills to keep your business running smoothly. She also

Have you ever asked, Should I hire security for my business? Sean Phillipson from Morrison Security joins us to educate us on what we need to know to secure our businesses. We also discuss the effective leadership and management skills Morrison Security uses to train their officers and protect their clients. Sean tells us how professionalism and ethics are two of the most important components of those management skills. Should

The great thing about being a leader is all the great people on our teams. Great teams just don’t happen magically, though. Building a team takes hard work and commitment, but there are some things you can do to make it easier. In the military, we very rarely had the same people on a team from beginning to end. People were always moving in and out or getting reassigned. We were

One of the reasons we wanted to become leaders was so that we could take on challenges we couldn’t achieve by ourselves. Employee motivation is a challenge for every leader. So how do we get our team members to do things that need to be done without being told? This week we’re answering a question from Pete. He says, “One thing I’m dealing with right now is trying to motivate

As we continue with our May theme of Courageous Leadership, this week Jason talks about the idea of intellectual honesty and how it is different from simply telling the truth. Intellectual honesty has a basis in problem solving but can be applied to make well-informed decisions in a variety of leadership situations. Striving to be intellectually honest helps us ensure that we have considered all factors when making a leadership

Just like our homes can get cluttered as the year goes on, our teams can get cluttered with misplaced priorities, ineffective procedures and tasks that no longer serve a valuable purpose. While we should always be on the lookout for waste and activities that are no longer serving our purpose or helping us achieve our mission, planning a spring cleaning activity can help us get focused on making improvements without getting

Now that we’ve recovered from the holidays and we’ve got a few weeks of 2016 under our belt, it’s time to start thinking about some ways that we can make our team stronger, better and faster over the coming year. One of the ways we can make these kind of improvements is through team building exercises. While these kinds of activities can take away from the time we have to

One of the most important responsibilities we have as leaders is to develop other leaders who can someday take our place and grow to achieve their own successes. While it doesn’t usually come with increased pay or benefits, developing leaders on our team can be one of the most personally rewarding endeavors we can undertake.  To effectively develop our team members into strong leaders we need to be genuinely and

Authenticity in leadership and the workplace has gotten a lot of attention recently. Most of us would agree that being authentic is a highly desirable trait in our leaders, but it can be really difficult to understand what authenticity truly means and how to go about practicing it in our day-to-day activities leading others. A working definition of authenticity that I like to use is simply, “having your words and