Choosing the right technology for your business can be a daunting process. Christine Curtis from SocialBoothLV tells us how she and her partner used their leadership and management skills to choose the technology they use in their business. We also talk about how she uses her management skills in her other business, Chaos Consult Repeat. Choosing the Right Technology for Your Business Christine Curtis the CEO and Owner of SocialBoothLV

Michelle Leaf and Jenny Fay return for our panel discussion where we start out by talking about helping people figure out what they want.

Ami Bayani returns to tell us about working for The Payroll Company and they can help your business with making your payroll easy. She shares how her unique journey through entrepreneurship honed her management skills. We also discuss how The Payroll Company uses effective leadership and management skills to help their clients focus on their own businesses while TPC handles their payroll needs. Making Your Payroll Easy Our good friend

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’re probably all focused on our significant other or the personal relationships we have in our lives, but this is also a good time to reflect on how we go about building professional relationships with others. Professional relationships are very much like personal relationships in that the best ones are based on a genuine connection with other people, not based on selling something or getting something

Most of us agree that having a strong network is critical to success, but many of us don’t really like the idea of networking. It often comes with a negative or self-serving connotation. When it comes to networking, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to relax and simply treat networking as a way to build and maintain strong relationships with amazing people that we want to have

Take a look at anyone who is really successful and you will find that they have built a really strong network of people around them; but for many of us, the idea of networking can be intimidating and confusing. “How should we go about networking?”, “Who should we be networking with?” and “Where do we meet these people?” are all questions that come up frequently. Many people also feel like