As we continue with our May theme of Courageous Leadership, this week Jason talks about the idea of intellectual honesty and how it is different from simply telling the truth. Intellectual honesty has a basis in problem solving but can be applied to make well-informed decisions in a variety of leadership situations. Striving to be intellectually honest helps us ensure that we have considered all factors when making a leadership

One of the most important traits for leaders to develop is confidence in themselves and their own abilities. Building confidence comes with time and creating a pattern of success as well as learning from our mistakes. As we develop our confidence it is natural to be nervous in certain situations or with new people. One of the ways we can work to overcome our nerves in these situation is using

It’s already May and that means that Memorial Day is coming up quickly here in the United States. In honor of all of those who gave so much, we’re making courageous leadership our theme for this month at Evil Genius Leadership. As leaders we often need to make decisions or take actions that are unpopular have some risk associated with them. While there are times that it is prudent to