We spend one more episode with Emily Wilson where she tells how she goes about building connections through art. We talk about the importance of being a good listener as one of the most effective leadership and management skills.  Emily also discusses how patience has become critical to her own management skills and artistic style as she runs Emily Wilson Photography. Building Connections Through Art We get to have Emily

Well written goals are critical to achieving the life that we desire, but it can be hard to stick to them. We often find ourselves asking how do I set goals that I can follow through on? In this video, we talk about the 3 components that every goal should have and give some great tips on how to stick to those goals. You’ll learn how well-written goals lead to

Suni Chabrow from the Douglas J. Green Memorial Foundation joins us today to help answer the question, how can I support military families? She talks about her journey as a Gold Star Mom and how that led to creating the Foundation. How Can I Support Military Families Suni Chabrow is a Gold Star mom living here in Las Vegas. Her son, Specialist Douglas J. Green lost his life in 2011

Ami Bayani returns to tell us about working for The Payroll Company and they can help your business with making your payroll easy. She shares how her unique journey through entrepreneurship honed her management skills. We also discuss how The Payroll Company uses effective leadership and management skills to help their clients focus on their own businesses while TPC handles their payroll needs. Making Your Payroll Easy Our good friend

Lucy Cantley, Shaytoya Stresing of K & B Communications, and Michelle Davis of Michelle Davis Fitness come back to join us for our panel discussion. The lessons they share will help you with building a tribe around your business. We talk about the management skills they use to make a difference in their communities. Each of our guests also shares how they use effective leadership and management skills to run

Lucy Cantley is more than just a business coach, she is all about helping women entrepreneurs crush it! In this interview, she tells us how she brings effective leadership and management skills to help women grow their businesses. She also talks about being a mother and how she’s developed her management skills while helping support other moms. Helping Women Entrepreneurs Crush it Lucy Cantley is a military spouse and a

Dana Berg of the Proctor Gallagher Institute, Shermara Walker from SW HR Consulting and Dr. Bianca Velayo of Green Valley Smiles Dentistry return for our panel discussion. We focus on building culture and energy in your business and the management skills you need to make it happen. Our guests share the most effective leadership and management skills they’ve learned from running their own businesses. Building Culture and Energy in Your

Most of us don’t get excited about going to the dentist. Dr. Bianca Velayo is here today to get us excited about it. She tells us all about how Green Valley Smiles Dentistry is not your mother’s dental practice!  Dr. Bianca fills us in how she uses effective leadership and management skills to provide the best patient care in Las Vegas. She also tells us how she combines management skills

We talk a lot with our guests on Geeks R Sexy about how they apply effective leadership and management skills to achieve their goals and grow their businesses. Today our panel takes on the entertainment world and how their management skills fit in. Sean Phillipson of Morrison Security, Dwayne Davison of Entertainment Capital Group and Fashion Stylist Katie Watford talk about how they use leadership and teamwork in entertainment. Leadership

Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world and Dwayne Davison of Entertainment Capital Group knows everything there is to know about promoting entertainment events in Las Vegas. It’s not all just fun and games, there’s an art and science to creating a successful event. Dwayne talks about the management skills he learned to build his thriving business. He also talks how he applies those leadership skills to create