What’s the best leadership style out there? The one you create for yourself. Stand out in business by finding your own authentic way to lead others to success. But the process takes some conscious thought. Let’s take a look at how to get to know yourself as a leader so that you can create the best style of leadership: your own.  Leadership styles can vary – you’ve probably encountered quite

Li Jackson, Executive Director of Rethink Worldwide, talks with us today about ending single use plastic. She shares how she uses effective leadership and management skills to guide a nonprofit organization. We also talk about how she developed her management skills over a wide range of career opportunities. Ending Single Use Plastic One of our biggest environmental problems is the amount of plastic waste in our oceans. Li Jackson, Executive

Suzanne Hobbs, Christine Curtis, and Christoff J. Weihman return to discuss the question, does emotional intelligence matter in business? They share how they incorporate emotional intelligence with their effective leadership and management skills. We also talk about examples of using emotional intelligence in conjunction with other management skills to build teams at SocialBoothLV, Safe Haven and in the hospitality industry. Does Emotional Intelligence Matter in Business? Our guests this month

Christoff J. Weihman is a best-selling author and an expert on elevating your customer service. Today he tells us how he acquired his leadership and management skills over his career. We also talk about how he uses his management skills to help businesses improve their customer experience. Elevating Your Customer Service Elevating your customer service is both an art and a science. Christoff J. Weihman joins us today to show

Choosing the right technology for your business can be a daunting process. Christine Curtis from SocialBoothLV tells us how she and her partner used their leadership and management skills to choose the technology they use in their business. We also talk about how she uses her management skills in her other business, Chaos Consult Repeat. Choosing the Right Technology for Your Business Christine Curtis the CEO and Owner of SocialBoothLV

After a long absence, we’re back! Our first guest after the hiatus is Suzanne Hobbs representing Safe Haven. Suzanne is an Idaho native who moved to Las Vegas a few years ago. She left a career as a news reporter and anchor to focus on helping young moms with Safe Haven laws. She’s the author of an Amazon best-selling children’s book, The Hungry Snake. Suzanne has also appeared on the

Lindsay Parker, Sarah Binger, and Shawn Willis return to give us advice for building professionalism on your team. These successful women share how they use effective leadership and management skills to foster professional behavior on their teams. We also talk about using our management skills to stay cool when others are not being professional with us. Building Professionalism Today we talk about building professionalism in your business with our panel

Today Shawn Willis from 5AM Global talks to us about leading a business through a major transition. She shares how she uses effective leadership and management skills to lead her team to create effective marketing campaigns. Shawn also tells us about using her management skills to plan and execute her upcoming Breathe 2019 event. Leading a Business Through a Major Transition Our good friend Shawn Willis has returned to talk

Building a financial vision for your business can seem like a daunting task. Sarah Binger from Dreambuilder Bookkeeper joins us today to tell us how she uses her management skills to help her clients grow their revenue and their businesses. She also shares how she uses effective leadership and management skills to teach her clients good money habits and minimize their costs. Building a Financial Vision for Your Business Sarah

Lindsay Parker joins us today to tell us about updating your professional headshots. Not just about getting new headshots, but how her company, We Do Shots, has modernized the way to do headshots! Lindsay tells us about using her management skills to solve the challenges of putting a photo studio in a truck. She also shares how she used effective leadership and management skills to go from concept to operations