What’s the best leadership style out there? The one you create for yourself. Stand out in business by finding your own authentic way to lead others to success. But the process takes some conscious thought. Let’s take a look at how to get to know yourself as a leader so that you can create the best style of leadership: your own.  Leadership styles can vary – you’ve probably encountered quite

There is nothing more rewarding than helping young leaders successfully navigate the challenges they face every day and providing that kind of assistance is exactly why we started Evil Genius Leadership Consultants. We love it when you send us your questions and we try our best to provide you with thoughtful answers and practical steps you can use to solve the problem. This week’s video answers a question by Felix

Just as we talked about getting in the right mindset to give feedback to others, it’s important to prepare ourselves and set our frame of mind for receiving feedback. Before we start to solicit feedback from others it’s important to understand the purpose of feedback. Jason explains in this video why we ask for feedback, who we should ask for feedback from and how we should begin to implement feedback.


Dec 2015


In this video, we share our philosophy on mentoring and the rewards that come to individuals and organizations from applying mentorship effectively. There are many misconceptions about what mentoring is and how to be a mentor. We point out several of these misconceptions and highlight ways to build a positive mindset in order to become a better mentor. Tips for Effective Mentoring If we want to be good mentors we

One of the most important responsibilities we have as leaders is to develop other leaders who can someday take our place and grow to achieve their own successes. While it doesn’t usually come with increased pay or benefits, developing leaders on our team can be one of the most personally rewarding endeavors we can undertake.  To effectively develop our team members into strong leaders we need to be genuinely and

We often talk about setting priorities as a way to achieve work-life balance.  A healthy approach to setting priorities and following through on them can help us achieve this balance. If we neglect certain areas of our lives when we are setting our priorities we can find ourselves out of balance very quickly. It’s important that we take into account all the aspects of our lives that are important to

One of the most important things you can do for yourself and your team is to clearly define what you believe your leadership role is. People who are recognized as great leaders, such as Larry Page of Google and Sir Richard Branson, have taken time to very carefully consider what they bring to their organizations through their role as a leader.  If you’re looking to maximize the performance of your

  There are a lot of aspects of leadership I end up discussing with people as I work with them on becoming stronger and more effective leaders. Some new leaders need some help developing their soft skills like communication and public speaking, some need help developing tools and systems for managing all the information inputs and outputs they need to deal with and some are looking to further define the mission and

Developing strong skills that support your leadership philosophy and style is a little more straightforward than some of the deep personal reflection we’ve been doing, but just as important. Your leadership skills are a key piece to exemplifying the leadership traits and core values that you identified to be important to your success. Leadership skills are different from your leadership traits because skills are more of an intellectual pursuit while traits

When it comes to developing your own personal leadership style there are two common approaches. The first is to default to your natural personality in all situations and let your current mood have a big influence over your decisions and actions. The disadvantage of this approach to developing a leadership style is that it often results in inconsistent decisions and knee-jerk reactions that are frequently out of alignment with the