Jess Horan talks to us today about how she is improving happy hour in Las Vegas. She tells us how she uses effective leadership and management skills to run Original Cocktail Club. We also talk about how she uses her management skills to grow her team and business. Improving Happy Hour in Las Vegas Jess Horan, the founder of Original Cocktail Club joins us on the show this week. She

Lindsay Parker joins us today to tell us about updating your professional headshots. Not just about getting new headshots, but how her company, We Do Shots, has modernized the way to do headshots! Lindsay tells us about using her management skills to solve the challenges of putting a photo studio in a truck. She also shares how she used effective leadership and management skills to go from concept to operations

Dana Berg of the Proctor Gallagher Institute, Shermara Walker from SW HR Consulting and Dr. Bianca Velayo of Green Valley Smiles Dentistry return for our panel discussion. We focus on building culture and energy in your business and the management skills you need to make it happen. Our guests share the most effective leadership and management skills they’ve learned from running their own businesses. Building Culture and Energy in Your

Most of us don’t get excited about going to the dentist. Dr. Bianca Velayo is here today to get us excited about it. She tells us all about how Green Valley Smiles Dentistry is not your mother’s dental practice!  Dr. Bianca fills us in how she uses effective leadership and management skills to provide the best patient care in Las Vegas. She also tells us how she combines management skills

We’ve heard a lot about the “millennial problem” lately and there is no shortage of opinions on it. My first experience working with millennials was in the Air Force in the mid-2000s. That was a bit different situation than dealing with it in a civilian environment. Despite the differences, we found some successful leadership principles that can help with managing millennials in the civilian world too. One piece of general

“That’s the way we’ve always done it.” I’ve fought against those words for most of my career.  As leaders we often want to improve our teams and keep them from being held back by outdated practices. I know how it feels to come up against the resistance from others when we see better ways of accomplishing our mission. When we challenge the status-quo, it’s usually because we want to make things

Starting a Leader’s Journal can be a great way to foster your creativity and innovation. The idea comes from Steven Johnson’s “Where Good Ideas Come From” where he discusses how the great thinkers of the Enlightenment Period would keep “commonplace books” for recording their thoughts, observations about the world and the ideas of others that they found interesting. Enhancing Creativity with a Handwritten Journal My handwritten journal is where I

We all want to foster our own creativity and help our team come up with innovative solutions to the problems that we face. One of the biggest myths about creativity is that it often comes as a “lightning bolt” or an epiphany that hits us all at once. In Where Good Ideas Come From, Steven Johnson dispels that myth by talking about the concept of a “slow hunch”. We can

Every boss claims they want innovation, but many don’t live up to the words they preach. For some it may be an aversion to risk, for others it may be out of their comfort zone to make improvements when the status quo is already working. How can we continue to innovate and improve our products and team members’ professional lives when faced with stagnation or resistance? How do we help

Every now and then a member of our team will come to us with an idea of a new process, method or procedure to implement that they feel will get the job done better, or will be easier, or, in the best of cases, both. As leaders we often feel an internal conflict in this situation. We want to foster innovation, but also are concern the risks and resistance that