As we grow as leaders we start to set goals for ourselves and for our team. This can be a bit of a learning experience. Once we start setting the goals, we don’t have anyone checking up on us to follow through. After several years in the Air Force, I gained more responsibility and had more people working for me. I was the one setting the goals but no one

So many of us are hoping for that opportunity that will supercharge our lives and careers. If we can just get one shot, we’ll be able to achieve our goals. That’s not how opportunities really work though. Business opportunities or opportunities in other aspects of our lives aren’t usually just handed to us. We often have to recognize opportunities in their infancy and grow them before we can take advantage

We all made it through another year! The upcoming holidays are a great time for looking back at our successes and the lessons we learned in 2016. It’s also a great time to think about the new adventures we want to embark on in 2017. In this month’s challenge we’ll get you looking back at the past in a positive way. We’ll also get you looking to the future in

No matter how skilled or talented we are, there’s just no way we can accomplish the big goals we want to meet all on our own. Every great leader has worked with others to bring about the amazing things that they have achieved. Trying to do everything on our own can be frustrating, leads to slower progress and limited results and is honestly, a little bit lonely. One of the ways

We took a little break from posting content over the holidays, but we’re back now and our first video of 2016 is all about the importance of investing in ourselves. As we all start to set our improvement goals for the upcoming year it’s important to assess if we are investing our energy and resources effectively to achieve them. Worthwhile goals don’t just happen overnight or come about on their own. In

  Holiday season is when most of us start thinking about spending more time with our families and friends and emphasizing our personal lives. Many leaders have a hard time balancing goals in our personal and professional lives and achieving a work-life balance that meets all of our needs. While the idea of work-life balance is often debated, it is possible to achieve fulfillment in our work and personal lives

If you’ve found your way to this post, it’s safe to say that you’re the kind of leader who wants your team to be successful. There are many keys to guiding a team to a successful outcome, but communicating expectations for them is one of the first and most important. Clearly outlining expectations isn’t a guarantee of a success, but NOT communicating expectations is almost guaranteed to PREVENT success. Once

As leaders, we have a lot of hopes and dreams for making our lives better and building a better world. It’s difficult to fit everything in that we want to achieve and sometimes it’s overwhelming to figure out what it is specifically that we want. Creating a development plan can help you think through what goals are really important to you and to articulate them clearly. It will also give

All truly great leaders all have a mission that they put their heart and soul into and are able to articulate that mission in enrolling and inspiring ways. Your own mission statement describes not just what your mission is, but why it is important in a larger sense for you and your team to achieve it. Writing your mission statement is just the beginning, as a leader you must be

I’m often asked, what are the key traits that make a great leader? That question always brings up a lot of discussion, but I believe one of the qualities that makes a truly great leader stand out is the ability to create a vision of the future they want to achieve as well as being able to communicate that vision to their team. Leaders who can visualize and communicate a