Building support for a nonprofit is a challenge even if you have a lot of resources to work with. Teresa Moore, Executive Director of Down Syndrome Organization of Southern Nevada joins us today to talk about how she faces that challenge. how she developed management skills that helped her restructure the organization to serve more families. We also discuss the importance of effective leadership and management skills in running a nonprofit.

Building Support for a Nonprofit

Today we talk with Teresa Moore, Executive Director of Down Syndrome Organization of Southern Nevada about her experience building support for a nonprofit organization. Teresa started out in a career in banking and shares with us today how her business experience helped her achieve her vision for the future of DSOSN. Their mission is to enlighten the public by promoting a positive understanding of Down Syndrome in the community and be a source of support, information and education for families and individuals with Down Syndrome.

Teresa tells us what Down Syndrome is and clears up some of the misconceptions about it that are out there. Down Syndrome is the most common genetic disorder and children born with Down Syndrome learn develop physically at a slower pace. This makes them more prone to heart defects, hearing problems, and speech issues. We talk about DSOSN was formed to help these amazing kids along with the programs that the organization provides for them and their families.

We go into the goals that Teresa set for the organization when she came in as Executive Director last year as well as some of the challenges she faced turning those goals into reality. She shares how she put a structure in place to update the business practices and make the most of their resources. Consistency is key in any organization and Teresa tells how she worked with their volunteers to provide more opportunities to help the kids with the programs they really need. Teresa also shares with us about her upcoming fundraising event and how you can donate or participate.

So much more in this interview with Teresa Moore. Watch the whole video to get all of her wisdom about building support for a nonprofit.

How to Contact Teresa Moore

Phone: 702-648-1990

Down Syndrome Organization of Southern Nevada Website




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