Lindsay Parker, Sarah Binger, and Shawn Willis return to give us advice for building professionalism on your team. These successful women share how they use effective leadership and management skills to foster professional behavior on their teams. We also talk about using our management skills to stay cool when others are not being professional with us.

Building Professionalism

Today we talk about building professionalism in your business with our panel guests. Lindsay Parker, Sarah Binger and Shawn Willis all return to tell us about their experiences with professionalism, both on their team and with others they encounter. In addition, we get their views on what professionalism is and how do you know it when you see it or don’t see it.

Lindsay shares with us that she holds herself and her team to consistently high standards. That means not just the quality of their work, but in their communication and dealings with the customer. She also talks about observing how professional her customers are as well. How do they communicate when they have a change or need to cancel? How do they react to setbacks in their own businesses? Lindsay truly believes that her business helps others put their best face forward professionally in their headshots.

Sarah emphasizes that there’s so set definition of professionalism when it comes to dress and appearance. Dressing appropriately for the client and the occasion comes across more professional than always being in a suit and tie or dress. Imagine showing up to your client’s company picnic and being overdressed! In addition, we talk about how our own attitude and the way we treat those around us is a key component of professionalism.

Building a Foundation of Professionalism

Shawn talks about integrity as a foundation of professionalism. As a result, if we apply integrity with good communication skills and mutual respect, professionalism will follow naturally. She makes an interesting point about putting yourself and your team first and building professionalism internally. When we internalize these principles in ourselves and on our team, they become easy when we deal with those outside of the business. Great relationships, strategic partnerships and customer service follow as a result.

We cover more ideas of professionalism and the ladies share their wisdom on how to react professionally in the face of adversity. Watch the whole video to hear all of their great advice!

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