Dana Berg of the Proctor Gallagher Institute, Shermara Walker from SW HR Consulting and Dr. Bianca Velayo of Green Valley Smiles Dentistry return for our panel discussion. We focus on building culture and energy in your business and the management skills you need to make it happen. Our guests share the most effective leadership and management skills they’ve learned from running their own businesses.

Building Culture and Energy in Your Business

All of our panelists work in areas where creating a culture and maintain a positive energy are critical to their success. Learn about how to find that energy in yourself, how to harness it and how to foster a great positive energy in others on your team.

We discuss how important leading by example is when you are a business owner and go into how to find the right people for your team who complement you and are a good fit for your desired business culture. We talk about how we’ve all made mistakes as business owners when we weren’t careful about looking at values and culture fit when hiring employees. In addition, we talk to recover our optimism and confidence in our own intuition after that happens. Our guests share the biggest lessons they’ve learned since starting their businesses. They also share their big goals for the rest of 2018 and a little bit on how they intend to achieve them.

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Phone: (702) 979-2119

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How to Reach Dr. Bianca Velayo

Green Valley Smiles Dentistry Phone: (702) 757-3399

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