We spend one more episode with Emily Wilson where she tells how she goes about building connections through art. We talk about the importance of being a good listener as one of the most effective leadership and management skills.  Emily also discusses how patience has become critical to her own management skills and artistic style as she runs Emily Wilson Photography.

Building Connections Through Art

We get to have Emily Wilson with us for one last segment this week! It was such an honor and privilege getting to do a whole show with her. This week we get into Emily’s mindset behind the camera as she tries to share experiences through her photos. Emily shares with us the question she always asks herself when she’s behind the camera.

Emily also shares her best tips for connecting with the subject of her photographs. We talk about what it takes to develop the intuition to make people look special in their portraits.  She tells us how essential it is to listen to your subjects and understand what makes them tick. Emily also emphasizes patience as an absolutely critical skill for photographers. These are some of the keys Emily tells us help to transform what many think is mundane into art that is unique and compelling.

We talk about the ways Emily tries to go above and beyond for her portrait subjects. She tells us how she organizes a shoot and adapts as she gets to work with her subject and environment. We discuss how she tries to put her subjects at ease and help them feel comfortable and confident while taking their portrait.  Emily also tells about how she learned to say no to doing the kind of work that she didn’t want to do in her practice and how she focused on the kind of art she wanted to make.

Emily tells about some of her upcoming projects and the big goals she wants to tackle in 2019. She would love to connect with someone in the UFC or mixed martial arts world so if you have any connections, please reach out to her!

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