Today’s question comes from a young web designer looking to start his own business. Hi .. I’m thinking to start a web design and development company, the problem is investment and project leads. Help me out with some suggestions. Tell me some ways to get through it. P.B.   Hey P.B., Thanks for writing in! The first thing I would recommend that you do to make your startup business successful

It can be lonely at the top. As leaders we often have to accept that we are in stressful positons and we can’t pass accountability for the situation to someone else. Sure, we can delegate or team with others, but that doesn’t make the stress go away. In fact, sometimes stress increases when we have to trust others to complete critical phases of our plans. There’s no question that some

Every team or organization has some tough projects that no one wants to be in charge of. They may be perceived as a lot of work with little reward, may not be as prestigious as other projects or may be thankless jobs. Maybe a few others have tried to get it done and have failed. If you really want to develop and hone your leadership and team-building skills, you should

We received this question from a reader: I have several employees with different skill sets and plenty of projects to hand out. Even though I know them personally, at times I forget specific things that they can do to make projects more efficient. How can I organize my employees and my projects in a way that mirrors what they are capable of to what needs to get done? Thank you

Nothing erodes trust like finding out someone was hiding something important from you. I don’t like to get political in these posts, but there are several recent examples where people in positions of trust and authority (both government and corporate) have been accused of withholding information that should have been available to the general public. This lack of transparency, whether real or perceived, is having a significant impact on the

I’m often asked, what are the key traits that make a great leader? That question always brings up a lot of discussion, but I believe one of the qualities that makes a truly great leader stand out is the ability to create a vision of the future they want to achieve as well as being able to communicate that vision to their team. Leaders who can visualize and communicate a

One of the topics I often discuss with my colleagues, mentors and the individuals that I coach is the role that younger people are taking in the workplace. Some of the folks I talk with have very strong opinions about these younger cohorts, especially Millennials. I don’t want to get into labelling certain groups of people (although I kind of already have), but despite opinions, the younger generations are entering

One of the most interesting and amusing experiences I had at DEFCON was while we were waiting in line to register and pay our conference fee. If you’re not familiar with DEFCON, there’s no pre-registration or credit card payments accepted so everyone waits in line and pay cash to register for the conference. The line can be long at times, but it’s a great way to meet new people and

Our first official action as a company was to attend DEFCON 22 in Las Vegas, NV and I can’t think of a better way to kick things off! This was my first DEFCON and it was astounding and a little bit overwhelming to see all of the brilliant minds at work giving the talks, demonstrating new ideas and participating in the competitions. Rob Fitzpatrick from Server Theory was kind enough


Mar 2014


  Ethics in leadership seems to be a topic that comes up frequently. Unfortunately, the topic usually comes up when there has been a serious breach in ethics and a very senior individual has been removed from their position, or sometimes even ends up in jail. We often ask, “How did we get to the point where this happened?” Like many of the things we have discussed, you can help