Ari Handley, Jess Horan and Li Jackson return to discuss balancing long-term vs short term thinking. They share how they use effective leadership and management skills to shift between strategy and tactics. We also talk about examples of applying management skills to long-term and short-term thinking at NOW CFO, Original Cocktail Club and Rethink Worldwide.

Balancing Long-Term vs Short-Term Thinking

This month we brought all of our guests back to talk about balancing long-term vs short-term thinking for your business. Deciding between a strategic move and the day-to-day tactics that you know work for your business can be a huge challenge. Ari Handley, Jess Horan and Li Jackson share how they tackle this big challenge as they lead their teams every day.

Jess talks about being conscious of her priorities and the actions she needs to take to go along with them. She shares with us the number one tool she uses to align those actions in the short, medium and long term and how that tool helps her stick to those priorities. We talk about the need to understand what the most important things in the future are, what’s happening soon and what are the items coming at us most quickly.

Keeping Aligned With Your Strategy

Ari shares with us the factors she considers when thinking about strategic planning. She emphasizes why it’s important for business owners to consider their cash flow and runway when they are making strategic decisions. She talks about setting and tracking goals that drive actions consistent with the strategy and re-evaluating periodically to ensure the original strategy is the right decision for the company based on new factors.

Li highlights how the vision at Rethink Worldwide influences the development of their strategy. They prioritize their activities and initiatives based on where they can have the most impact. Li believes that the biggest impact right now is to educate people and businesses right here in Las Vegas, so their strategy and tactics are all aligned towards that end.

Our guests share more of their insights on balancing long-term vs short term thinking in the rest of the discussion. Watch the whole video to learn how each of our guests has developed their own strategic thinking skills and how you can use their lessons to develop these skills in yourself and your team!

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