September has arrived! I can’t  believe that fall is right around the corner. The days will start getting shorter and the temperatures will start getting cooler before we know it. I always think about going back to school when this time of year comes around. September is a great time to take ourselves back to school to evaluate what we’ve learned this year and what new things we’d like to learn.

The Back to School Challenge

This month’s Back to School challenge has 2 parts:

First, make a list of all of the lessons we’ve learned over the past 8 months. They don’t need to be huge, life changing ideas. They could be little things we learned to do a little better at work or how we learned to deal with people better.

Next, make a list of the things we would like to learn before the year is out. They could be new skills,  or something we’ve already learned that we want to learn about more. Maybe we take a training class to get certified in an area of expertise that will help advance our careers. It’s okay if you only have one thing, or if you have a whole bunch, but we’ll come back to these lists later in the month.

At Evil Genius Leadership we believe that leadership isn’t just a set of skills to acquire or workshops to take. Leadership is a discipline and lifelong practice that requires continuous study and reflection. Truly great leaders treat study leadership and are always looking for new things to learn, new ideas to explore and new perspectives to view the world through. By recognizing the things we’ve learned this year and setting some goals to learn new things before the year is out, we follow in this great tradition of leadership.

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