I hate enforcing discipline on my team. I find it really unpleasant and I always wonder if I did the right thing afterward. I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way. When we avoid disciplining someone for engaging in misconduct, we set up a culture where respect doesn’t matter. The only thing worse than a leader who doesn’t discipline at all is one who does it arbitrarily and

We often hear that great leaders are decisive and the best leaders seem to make decisions quickly and easily. Some people are born with that ability but most of the rest of us have to learn how to do it well. One of the best ways you can develop this skill is by following a problem-solving framework. Toyota has their 8 step problem-solving model, the Air Force has adopted this

When you’re a leader, dealing with crisis situations is just part of the job. As much as we plan and prepare, sometimes a crisis is just going to come up. It doesn’t mean don’t plan and prepare and manage risk. When a crisis occurs we can’t start analyzing how we could avoid it. That’s important and that comes later. The most important thing to do right now is to solve