Building consensus is one of the most important skills a leader can have in their leadership toolbox. Leaders frequently need to advocate for their ideas and persuade others that their approach is the best solution for everyone involved. Building consensus provides a way to get others to buy-in to our ideas and to participate in the process of turning them into fully developed solutions that address the problem or situation.

No matter how skilled or talented we are, there’s just no way we can accomplish the big goals we want to meet all on our own. Every great leader has worked with others to bring about the amazing things that they have achieved. Trying to do everything on our own can be frustrating, leads to slower progress and limited results and is honestly, a little bit lonely. One of the ways

No one likes to make mistakes, but we all do and we just have to accept that someday it’s going to happen to us. Whatever our mistake is, it’s nowhere near as important as how we react to it and what we learn from it. In this week’s video, Jason talks about how to get our mindset right after making a mistake and the three steps we need to take

Leadership and Social Media on #SocialPowWow I’m really excited to be a guest on the #SocialPowWow Twitter Chat this Thursday at 11:30 AM Eastern Time. Ancita Satija hosts #SocialPowWow to discuss how the Social Web is rewriting the rules of business and connect with India based Startups, Marketers, PR & Digital professionals. Join us to talk about how social media can be an effective vehicle for leadership, connecting with communities, and how to

Spring is a time for revitalization, rebirth and reinventing,  and the longer, warmer days give us an opportunity to reflect on where we’ve been and where we want to go. We’ll be adopting these themes in all of our content for the month April at Evil Genius Leadership. We’ll be showing you ways to bounce back from mistakes, how to cultivate critical partnerships and how to build consensus on your team