A lot of times we hear that leadership is all about motivating others and there are a variety of opinion on what the best way is to motivate others. If you’ve been checking out this site for a while, you know that we are very skeptical of one-size-fits-all solutions. At Evil Genius Leadership Consultants we normally advocate for doing your own research on a topic and pulling the best practices

One of the reasons we become leaders is to influence others in a positive direction to make the world a better place, but we often underestimate our ability and feel that we are not important enough or experienced enough to have much sway over what others think. The reality is that we have an influence over those around us every day but just don’t consciously think about it. Most people

Presidents’ Day reminds us of our commitment as leaders to continue a life-long study of leadership. One of the most effective ways we can pursue those studies is to take a look back at our role models and assess how they applied leadership to accomplish their goals. Looking at a wide variety of leaders and leadership styles gives us a number of different sources to help us define our own leadership

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’re probably all focused on our significant other or the personal relationships we have in our lives, but this is also a good time to reflect on how we go about building professional relationships with others. Professional relationships are very much like personal relationships in that the best ones are based on a genuine connection with other people, not based on selling something or getting something

It’s still pretty early in the year and while everyone on the team is focused on upcoming goals and improvements, it’s a good time to consider starting new initiatives that improve our team’s ability to complete their mission or make their lives easier. As we all know, change is hard for most human beings to embrace so it’s important that we are clear with ourselves about the purpose for the