As we frequently talk about with our clients and in our posts, personal and professional development are key to growing into strong leaders ready for the challenges of tomorrow. Approaching development from the perspective of a student of leadership as an art and science is an effective way to absorb new ideas and incorporate them into your leadership philosophy and style.  This kind of development can be difficult to do on


Dec 2015


In this video, we share our philosophy on mentoring and the rewards that come to individuals and organizations from applying mentorship effectively. There are many misconceptions about what mentoring is and how to be a mentor. We point out several of these misconceptions and highlight ways to build a positive mindset in order to become a better mentor. Tips for Effective Mentoring If we want to be good mentors we

We created this workshop for highly motivated Millennials who aspire to be the leaders of the future and are just starting on their journey. It is aimed at those who want to develop a strong leadership core based on a combination of proven leadership practices and more modern techniques appropriate to our mobile, digital age.  There is a strong emphasis on communication, public speaking, networking and professional relationship building as

One of the most important responsibilities we have as leaders is to develop other leaders who can someday take our place and grow to achieve their own successes. While it doesn’t usually come with increased pay or benefits, developing leaders on our team can be one of the most personally rewarding endeavors we can undertake.  To effectively develop our team members into strong leaders we need to be genuinely and

Building a team as a first-time leader can be an overwhelming challenge. Deciding who to choose to get the best results takes a lot of careful thought and consideration and there are no guarantees that you’ve made the right choice. It is also an exciting opportunity to guide and shape the individuals you’ve gathered to become the kind of team that produces amazing and meaningful outcomes. For others, we may be