When we work with a group of exceptionally talented people, it can be a challenge to figure out which projects we want to assign individuals to. We would like to have everyone contributing all of their unique skills and abilities to every project, but it’s just not a good use of resources and can actually hinder our results. In order to optimize talent on our team we need to have a

We often talk about setting priorities as a way to achieve work-life balance.  A healthy approach to setting priorities and following through on them can help us achieve this balance. If we neglect certain areas of our lives when we are setting our priorities we can find ourselves out of balance very quickly. It’s important that we take into account all the aspects of our lives that are important to

  Holiday season is when most of us start thinking about spending more time with our families and friends and emphasizing our personal lives. Many leaders have a hard time balancing goals in our personal and professional lives and achieving a work-life balance that meets all of our needs. While the idea of work-life balance is often debated, it is possible to achieve fulfillment in our work and personal lives

As we frequently talk about with our clients and in our posts, personal and professional development are key to growing into strong leaders ready for the challenges of tomorrow. Approaching development from the perspective of a student of leadership as an art and science is an effective way to absorb new ideas and incorporate them into your leadership philosophy and style.  This kind of development can be difficult to do on

We can’t do it all by ourselves. It’s true in leadership just as it is in life. Trying to achieve our goals without asking for help usually slows us down on our path. This is why human beings have learned to build teams and why good leadership is regarded so highly. When we build a team around us, it’s important to utilize those team members effectively to accomplish our mission

Leaders, business owners and other ambitious people always have a lot on their minds. We might have a new, exciting area that we want to lead our team into, an initiative to improve our current processes, or just finding ways to make quality of life better for the people in our personal and professional lives. We also have a lot of things that keep us occupied day-to-day that prevent us

If you’ve found your way to this post, it’s safe to say that you’re the kind of leader who wants your team to be successful. There are many keys to guiding a team to a successful outcome, but communicating expectations for them is one of the first and most important. Clearly outlining expectations isn’t a guarantee of a success, but NOT communicating expectations is almost guaranteed to PREVENT success. Once

If you’ve ever been frustrated because your team produced results that weren’t exactly what you anticipated, you’re not alone. It happens to all leaders now at then, the outcome is adequate but maybe could have turned out a little better or we just had a different idea of how it would turn out. It’s not our team’s fault, they worked hard and showed initiative but just didn’t quite hit what we were after.