One thing most organizations have in common is that they have some kind of mission statement that describes their purpose to the rest of the world. Some of these are bold, some are very descriptive and detailed, and some are focused on customer service as opposed to the product the company puts out. What is important is that these organizations communicate this sense of mission to their customers, employees, partners

As a leader, having a mission statement is critical to keeping yourself focused and motivating others to achieve what you want them to do. Jason LeDuc talks about why having a mission is important, shows some examples, and gives some advice on how to craft your own. He also shares his story about creating the Evil Genius Leadership mission statement. Evil Genius Leadership Consultants Mission: Create a generation of leaders focused

As we frequently talk about with our clients and in our posts, personal and professional development are key to growing into strong leaders ready for the challenges of tomorrow. Approaching development from the perspective of a student of leadership as an art and science is an effective way to absorb new ideas and incorporate them into your leadership philosophy and style.  This kind of development can be difficult to do on