This week I read an interesting article on talking about how terrible webinars have become. (Why It Is Time to Kill the Webinar) Reading this article highlighted to me that it’s not necessarily the technology to blame here, but  that great public speaking skills are even more critical today in the digital age. Effective leaders need to be able to communicate their message and vision through any medium or forum.

Every boss claims they want innovation, but many don’t live up to the words they preach. For some it may be an aversion to risk, for others it may be out of their comfort zone to make improvements when the status quo is already working. How can we continue to innovate and improve our products and team members’ professional lives when faced with stagnation or resistance? How do we help

Today’s question comes from a young web designer looking to start his own business. Hi .. I’m thinking to start a web design and development company, the problem is investment and project leads. Help me out with some suggestions. Tell me some ways to get through it. P.B.   Hey P.B., Thanks for writing in! The first thing I would recommend that you do to make your startup business successful