FREE Initial Consultation

Spend an hour with one of our world-class coaches to discuss your personal and professional goals and see how we can help you get there! Call 702-625-0896 or email to schedule your appointment!

Bronze Package – $200/month

Created for people who are ready to improve their leadership skills, but aren’t ready to dive into individual coaching, our weekly group coaching sessions help you develop your individual leadership style and develop your public speaking and networking skills. We dedicate time in each session to address individual challenges for each member of the group. We accomplish all of this in a structured environment of 2-6 up and coming leaders.

Silver Package – $450/month

Targeted for aspiring leaders who want more individual attention than in our group sessions. This package provides one-on-one sessions, every other week. We focus on the particular leadership challenges you face on your team and develop solutions to turn them into positive outcomes. We develop your professional skills to become a great communicator and influencer at your workplace and beyond. Silver package members have daily email access to our coaching team to get help with any problems or challenges they might need help with outside of a session.

Gold Package – $750/month

Designed for those who are committed to becoming one of the great leaders of tomorrow. In our weekly one-on-one sessions, we help you articulate your core values, key leadership traits and skills to master your individual leadership style. We dig deep into the root causes of what is  holding you back from success and help you develop tools to overcome the challenges you encounter in your workplace and personal life. Gold members can request assistance from our staff via email or phone 24/7 when urgent matters that come up in the workplace.