There are a lot of aspects of leadership I end up discussing with people as I work with them on becoming stronger and more effective leaders. Some new leaders need some help developing their soft skills like communication and public speaking, some need help developing tools and systems for managing all the information inputs and outputs they need to deal with and some are looking to further define the mission and

Developing strong skills that support your leadership philosophy and style is a little more straightforward than some of the deep personal reflection we’ve been doing, but just as important. Your leadership skills are a key piece to exemplifying the leadership traits and core values that you identified to be important to your success. Leadership skills are different from your leadership traits because skills are more of an intellectual pursuit while traits

When it comes to developing your own personal leadership style there are two common approaches. The first is to default to your natural personality in all situations and let your current mood have a big influence over your decisions and actions. The disadvantage of this approach to developing a leadership style is that it often results in inconsistent decisions and knee-jerk reactions that are frequently out of alignment with the

Every leader has their own unique leadership philosophy and style that is partially defined by the leadership traits the exhibit. We all have a combination of positive traits that make us successful as leaders and negative traits that might be a barrier to successfully leading others. Great leaders are conscious of their leadership traits and continue to develop themselves to make their strong, positive traits stronger and improve upon or