Evil Genius Leadership at DEFCON 22

Our first official action as a company was to attend DEFCON 22 in Las Vegas, NV and I can’t think of a better way to kick things off! This was my first DEFCON and it was astounding and a little bit overwhelming to see all of the brilliant minds at work giving the talks, demonstrating new ideas and participating in the competitions. Rob Fitzpatrick from Server Theory was kind enough to be my guide through this exciting adventure!

Even though I don’t really have a background in computer hacking, lock picking or social engineering, they’re topics I’ve always been curious about. There are some really intriguing ideas presented at DEFCON that merit our interest as leaders or business owners. As most of the speakers at DEFCON are fond of pointing out, the ideas presented there can be used “for good or for evil”. While the security risks to an organization from hacking, phishing and physical security threats are obvious to most leaders and can provide us valuable insight how to train our teams to protect ourselves; it’s also possible to find opportunities to legally and ethically use techniques, like social engineering, to refine marketing efforts or assist in negotiations.

DEFCON 22 was an exciting event that opened my mind to new possibilities and left me more curious than when I arrived. I’ll definitely be back next year and I hope to see you there!


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