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 What will it take to achieve your professional dreams?

We have the answer!

Climbing the corporate ladder, running your own business or leading your team to victory all require a singular dedication to being the best you can be and getting maximum performance out of the people around you. The world’s most successful individuals have all recognized the importance of leadership and applied it in their own endeavors. The team at Evil Genius Leadership Consultants has built successful careers as officers in the US Military, leading highly skilled teams worldwide to complete missions critical to national security and international order. We have managed programs with the corporate sector to bring some of the world’s most advanced technologies to fruition. Whether you’re seeking world domination, trying to bring a new product to market, or want to be selected as the team lead for your company’s next exciting project, the coaches Evil Genius Leadership Consultants can develop you into a leader who gets the maximum performance from their team!


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Meet Our Clients
  • In my time spent with Jason, I’ve learned the fundamentals of good leadership. I’ve learned how to recognize my values and understand how they influence my life and decisions with others. And I’ve learned how to start making tangible steps towards a career in leadership.

     Jason has helped me master skills such as time management and the basics of public speaking. He’s helped me focus my message and break down the important steps on my path to success into small goals I can easily achieve.

    One of the things I love about working with Jason is that he truly believes in my dream and my ability to accomplish it. He does not put my message down or make me second guess myself. But he does make me clearly define my message, my audience, and the action steps I will take to get to success.

     He helps me turn my dreams into goals – goals which I can go after.

    I feel more productive and closer to achieving my goals than ever before thanks to Jason’s mentorship and leadership. One day I will be an evil genius in this world, and I will know that I couldn’t have gotten there without Jason’s leadership, or at least it would’ve taken me much longer to figure it out.


    Katie Waechter

    Digital Marketer and Writer

  • Jason, when I met you like so many trainers, life coaches, and managers before you, I was skeptical about you being able to help me reach my business and life goals! I noticed the difference immediately after our first meeting. I thought you were going to push “The Military” way of life, because of your background! Man was I wrong, so wrong!

    Your style is not about you talking about closing people, the zig close, or the A.R.C. close, you wanted to talk about me. Not just about milestones I want to achieve, but where I see myself today, tomorrow, and in five years, not only professionally but also personally! So many trainers want to talk about “making money” never about the importance of making sure you engage with your coworkers and the importance of making time for family!

    More importantly we have created several systems to help me become more organized through trial and evaluation and I am on pace to hit my sales goals! THANK YOU!

    – Michael S. Price, Account Executive


  • When I started with Jason at Evil Genius Leadership, I had no idea what leadership really meant. I wanted the opportunity to explore what being a leader means, but I didn’t know where to start since I had never been in a leadership position before. After the first session, not only did I have high expectations from EGL, I also had high expectations in developing and reaching leadership goals for myself.

    The goals and experiences Jason had set for me throughout the last three months have made a significant impact on my leadership abilities. Not only did we explore what a leader meant to me, we acknowledged and took on everyday life opportunities to lead that I didn’t recognize were there. He pushed me to do things outside of my comfort zone by recognizing day-to-day opportunities to incorporate leadership, coupled with encouraging me to attend networking events, volunteer and take part in other personal activities that I’ve neglected, like sports. In doing this, it broadened my scope of recognizing where you can learn more about leadership and how you can pinpoint leadership opportunities.

    The leadership lessons Jason at Evil Genius Leadership has taught me have been invaluable to my personal growth and my growth in the company I work for. Eight months ago I was in a starting position that I had been in for 2 years, not really focusing on where I wanted to go in the company. Jason and I worked through personal and professional goals, implementing vital practices into my everyday work life. With these implementations, not only did I flourish as a person, I was able to help my company and department grow. When the Director position became available in my department, I was the first to be considered for the position.

    The owners of the company had noticed considerable differences in the work I was, and currently am, doing. Not just the work I did on paper, but also in how I managed my time and how I interacted with others. Before my sessions, I had always been a determined, hard worker, but I wasn’t putting my efforts into the right places. Thanks to the guidance from Jason, I now have a vision. I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings.

    Jason has gone above and beyond helping me understand what leadership means to me. With every session, I saw improvements in my ability to define leadership and to distinguish opportunities. Although I still have a ways to go in developing my leadership skills, I am very pleased with the strides I have made thus far. Thank you, Jason!!

    – Audrey Clark, Community Manager


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